Our Company

Company name: Ricci & Co Property
Date of establishment: August 18, 2018
CEO: Ms. Le Minh Ha

Ricci & Co was established in August 2018 with a simple but practical reason to improve the Legal Function of the apparatus to cooperate with the developers for housing projects in Da Nang.
During the operation, we saw gaps in the real estate industry in Da Nang, so we decided to withdraw from the promotion activities of some projects that do not guarantee safety for investors & buyers. settled in Da Nang.
We recognize the gaps in the Central Economic ecosystem that many local & international Entrepreneurs need in-depth professional support. That is the reason that since the third quarter of 2020, Ricci & Co has transformed the company's apparatus structure and service platform to serve the Vision of becoming an International Diplomatic Center - the meeting place of business people. Business development in Da Nang & Central.
Service support center for FDI enterprises in terms of human resources and legal. Working with Financial Funds for investing. At the same time, we offer Financial Solutions for Entrepreneurs & Club Members Ricci & Co Business Class Club.

Products & services

Ricci & Co Property - Your Dreams Are In Trusted Hands
After a while, we realize that businesses developing in Da Nang face many difficulties. The quality of personnel in Da Nang. The business ecosystem in Da Nang is not like HCMC or other major cities in Asia. Legal information provided to businesses is not transparent enough.
The statistics & surveys are not enough for Business Leaders to make investment decisions and implement projects to ensure the probability of success comes with too much cost compared to the source of income.
From the above comments, we provide customers with the following services:

  • Legal Services (consulting & implementing records) for Enterprises
  • Co-working Space & Workshop Service, Conference Room & Conference for Startup Enterprises, Advanced and Professional Thinking Teams.
  • Recruitment Services & Human Resource Training for International F&B Enterprises.
  • Sales Marketing Service for International F&B Enterprises.
  • Acquisition - Transfer of properties, real estate projects, Companies, F&B projects
  • Service of finding commercial premises for F&B enterprises, international trade
  • Ricci & Co Business Network Club
  • Networking International businessmen working and living in Da Nang - Hoi An.

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