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Nov 27, 2020
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  • Project name: Aria Danang Hotel & Resort

  • Location: Truong Sa Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, City Danang

  • Status: Under construction – Available for sale

  • Scale: Built in an area of 7,5 hectares

  • Handover time: 2022

Aria Danang project is planned to be built into a sports and entertainment area, a garden, a landscape lake, etc. and a 5-star standard block of utilities. With the position located on the sea front and Truong Sa street – the most beautiful sea axis of Da Nang city, which gathers a series of famous resorts, Aria Non Nuoc Resort Danang possesses outstanding advantages, Providing differentiated services promises to bring extremely great experiences for customers and opens up rare investment opportunities in places with coastal gold land such as Da Nang.


Aria Danang Hotel & Resort is a harmonious combination of types of resort services with different functions such as Villas, Hotel, Service Apartment, all facing the sea. main projects such as: Shophouse area, Pool & Park, Restaurant & Cafe area, …

  • Investor: Hanoi Non Nuoc Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company
  • Project developer: Danh Khoi Holdings Investment Joint Stock Company
  • Architectural design: ATKINS – The 3rd largest design corporation in the UK and the 10th in the world
  • Design & Build Unit: D&D Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company.
  • Supervision consultancy unit: Mekong Construction and Transport Consultant Joint Stock Company
  • Project Management Consultant: Apave
  • Bank guarantee loan: PVCOMBANK
  • Total area of ​​Aria DaNang: 70,000m2
  • Scale: 63,214m2 including 2 30-storey apartment towers; 2 9-storey hotel buildings and 28 sea villas, 01 basement and 2 apartment towers.
  • Apartment Tower height: 2 9-storey towers & 2 30-storey towers
  • Number of apartments: Apartments: 838 units (of which: 588 1-bedroom apartments; 208 2-bedroom apartments and 42 3-bedroom apartments)Apartment area: 48m2 to 65m2
  • Internal utilities: Pool Bar (villa area) is about 1000m2 (width of about 14.9m and length of about 68m). – The park – Waterpark has a total area of ​​about 7,690m2 (width of about 54 and length of about 142m). In which, the surface of the pool is about 44m wide and about 121m long.
  • Construction started: Quarter IV / 2019
  • Expected handover: 2022
  • Form of ownership: 50 years


Location Project Aria Da Nang Hotel And Resort is located right in front of No. 2 Truong Sa Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, City. Danang. The location of Aria Da Nang Beach Villa is highly appreciated by experts in feng shui, when located in the front of Truong Sa.

Aria Da Nang project is located at Son Mountain – Huong Thuy (Back of Marble Mountains – East Sea face) adjacent to the four directions as follows:

  • The East is directly adjacent to the East Sea
  • West is Vo Nguyen Giap street
  • The South borders the Pulchra Resort project
  • The North borders Nam Khang Resort
  • This is the arterial location in Ngu Hanh Son district with a mountain-like back, the most expensive sea view in Da Nang City has a view embracing the ocean, creating a peaceful and poetic scenery for travelers. The remarkable plus point of Aria Non Nuoc Resort is adjacent to high-class condotel Da Nang projects, monumental tourist resort projects such as: Condotel Furama Danang, Coco Ocean resort, The Empire and near the beach area …

Non Nuoc Resort Danang Aria Danang benefits from the strong growth potential of Danang tourism. According to statistics of the first 6 months of 2019, the total number of visitors and tourists to Da Nang was estimated at 4.3 million, up 15.1% over the same period last year. Especially, with the introduction of 6 more domestic routes and 1 new international route (Da Nang – Chieng Mai), it has contributed to attracting a lot of tourists to visit and travel here.

More notably, choosing a Singaporean partner to formulate a general plan for Da Nang by 2030, with a vision to 2050, Danang City will become a large, ecological and smart city, a hub for start-up and bright innovation. create and live a coastal city of Asia level.


  • Great location by the wonders of the bay
  • Modern architecture, perfect for travel
  • Ultimate utility planning – optimal luxury for the experience
  • Reasonable apartment design with excellent views – Smart layout – Versatile and integrated
  • Leasing ability – Payback of capital – Return on investment
  • The prestige of the unit participating in the project


  • Sunshine Aerospace Business, a US $ 170 million investment project of Universal Alloy Corporation Asia Pte.LTD – UAC, USA.
  • The project of manufacturing and assembling electronic devices, invested USD 50 million, at Lot X10 – 10B ND street, expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, an area of ​​12,332m2 of Key Tronic EMS Group, USA .
  • Project on expanding Xuan Thieu tourist area, invested 100 million USD of Mykazuki Company, Japan …


Internal amenities: Aria Danang project is taken care of by the owner in each utility, worthy of the most luxurious 5-star resort in Da Nang today.

  • Lobby Lobby
  • Lounge Cafe
  • Pool area & Water Park
  • Rooftop Bar area
  • Boutique Shophouse area
  • Terrace Cooffee & Dining
  • Spa & Massage area
  • Internal park area
  • Outdoor BBQ area & landscaped garden
  • Ocean Restaurant Area
  • Swimming pool overflow with shore View Sea
  • Beach Bar area

Aria Water Project Da Nang gives owners a class of the most luxurious living, where you residents, visitors will experience the service utilities such as:

  • 5 star hotel
  • Square light center
  • Supermarket
  • Cinema
  • High quality sports center
  • Pool
  • Sky bar
  • Chain of culinary restaurants
  • Healthcare Center
  • Amusement park for children …
  • Non Nuoc Green Beach: As a private beach owned resrort, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy a memorable private vacation with exciting activities such as volleyball, badminton or flying kites of the beach. In addition, customers can experience a unique beach area or play water sports. Best of all, Aria DaNang Hotel And Resort is ready to serve guests with a picnic on the beach or relaxing sunbathing.

Gym: The project is located in a green space, Aria Da Nang owns a modern gym system with international standards with a team of professional coaches and advanced equipment, helping customers improve. fitness, wellness and physique, ensuring a balanced exercise schedule during the resort.

Spa: Nestled in a corner of Aria Da Nang, which is poetic in the natural direction, the Spa has a full range of specialized therapies from nature combining rich and diverse treatments. Each spa treatment is meticulously designed, focusing on purifying and awakening the senses of the body and mind, bringing relaxing moments to help restore balance to life. . .

Meeting rooms: Condotel Aria DaNang Hotel And Resort owns many campuses and conference rooms large and small with solemn and sophisticated design and originality and novelty in an open space, we always want instill abundant creative inspiration into your meetings and conferences.




District: Ngũ Hành Sơn District
City: Đà Nẵng
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